Liz Cabrel, Manager/Goddess of MUSAS Peru, is the founder of, a sustainable development project that supports women artisans from the Andean region and works for their empowerment and economic independence. She works in a senior volunteer job based NGO in Lima, and she is also an activist supporting different groups for Gender issues, she is a member ILGA LAC. She has a Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health studies from INPPARES and National University Federico Villarreal. Liz is co-author of “Yo Amo Mi Vulva” (“I Love My Vulva”), a book of 28 photographs of vulvas accompanied by the testimonies of these 28 women volunteers who share their experiences and relationships to their vulvas, sexuality, and sex. The book makes visible the vulva, a part of the body in Peru that is often cloaked in secrecy and shame, with the goal of showing a variety of vulvas, all beautiful and perfect in their own ways. In addition, the book recounts stories from women of various ages, sexualities, ethnicities, and class backgrounds that reveal a wide range of experiences, from sexual violence, shame, hate, pleasure, love, and empowerment.

Doris León, Audiovisual Goddess of MUSAS Peru, cursed studies in acting at ENSAD - National Superior School of Dramatic Art. She is French teacher and has experience in working with children and adolescents. She loves her skills for structuring projects, teamwork and interpersonal relationships. She inputs constant booster with recycling programs and environmental awareness in schools and the whole community. Doris also has education and experience in theater, puppetry and Claun with children.
Doris is the founder of "Comer Paz Orgánicos" community, and runs workshops named "Alimentación que Cura" Raw Organic Vegan based food cuisine, Doris brings her knowledge and experience, nutritionally healthy and successful inner Peru. About Gender activism, Doris supports and contributes to the development of methodologies with art tools towards a good and lovely communication about menstruation and Gender issues, she is a muse since 2013.
Doris seeks to contribute with her experience and acquired knowledge towards the community development for the empowerment process, knowledge of the human rights and among the LBGTIQ people. She believes performing arts are very important way to raise awareness, question, reflect, make issues visible and all these are important aspects to identify, prosecute and heal the defects of society that restricts us of our rights and thus of a full life and wellbeing. She loves to see her job changing minds and public policies.