MUSAS Perú offers a variety of workshops on sexuality, gender, and sexual health topics throughout the country. We offer these workshops to health care professionals, students, rural indigenous women, women in prison, victims of sexual violence and abuse, women living with HIV, disabled women, and the LGBTI community. We take great pleasure in offering fun, interactive, creative, healing workshops that allows participants to safely explore topics that are usually veiled in secrecy. For example, through expressive arts, we provide a safe space for people to explore their bodies, sexuality, and sexual health needs and educate and empower them to take care of their bodies.

Since our first workshop in March 2010, we have provided 7 workshops to over 100 people (75 women, 30 LGTBI persons). 10% report having an STI, 21% experienced sexual abuse, and 27% domestic violence. Most alarmingly, 40% report experiences of discrimination based on their gender, sexuality, or HIV status.

Workshops for patients:
1. Exploration of sex and sexuality through expressive art
2. Sex, Gender, and Sexuality--Exploration of diverse sexual identities and gender expressions
3. Sexual and Reproductive Rights
4. Sexual anatomy, health, and pleasure
5. STIs and how to prevent them
6. The breast self exam
7. The female pelvic exam guide (audio and video)
8. Patient empowerment workshops for women—how to prepare for gynecological visits and voice concerns and needs
9. How to be an ally to the LGTBI community

Workshops for health care professionals:

1. How to perform a pain-free pelvic exam including how to interview patients and build rapport
2. How to perform a breast exam, including how to interview patients and build rapport
3. Health care needs of women and LGTBI patients
Duration: Approximately 2-2.5 hours

"We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on sex, gender, and sexuality that you gave us, and above all, the Australian instrument didgeridoo during the meditation. We learned a lot about our sexuality."
Macaria Gonzales Carmona, 51 years old, Facilitator of MIMDES, Ministry of Women and Social Development.
"The workshop that MUSAS gave us was marvelous. I have never participated in a workshop like this before. We learned about themes in sexuality that were completely new to us. Thank you for all we learned."
Gudelia Rosado Colca, Health Organizer at San Juan de Lurigancho
"In the MUSAS workshop on sexual and reproductive rights, we participated in dynamics that I had never seen before and that permitted interactions full of confidence without taboos. I literally loved the workshop."
Carla Carril, 19 years old, Student of the Faculty of Law at San Martín de Porres University
"The workshop on sexuality was very interesting. What I loved most was learning about pansexuality and asexuality, which I knew nothing about before. With your workshop, I have learned new things, and the instrument didgeridoo that Amber played was something sensational."
Sara Villanueva Ventura, 55 years old, Legal Organizer at San Juan de Lurigancho
“This workshop on sexual and reproductive rights has helped me understand that the best way to achieve our goals is to unite in our fight to be respected and have the same rights that heterosexuals have.”
Antuanet García, 22 years old, Student at San Martín de Porres University